There are few better ways of opening up the home than with a set of patio doors. Manufactured in-house by our expert team, these sliding entranceways connect indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing day to day life for the homeowner.

As thermally efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing, our sliding patio doors offer the best of both worlds. High grade uPVC, reliable hardware and long lasting colour finishes combine to create a genuine long term investment.

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC patio doors only require occasional upkeep to glide smoothly for years to come.

Smooth Design

Despite their slim sightlines and easy operation, our patio doors remain incredibly secure and durable.

Easy Operation

With quality hardware and robust inline rollers, our sliding patio doors open and close with complete ease.

Weatherproof Seals

Homeowners never have to worry about warping, leaking, mould or dampness with our patio doors.

Thermal Efficiency

Our sliding patio doors are supplied with the same energy efficient glass, helping to keep heat in.

Versatile Design

With finishes that mimic the look of both timber and aluminium, these doors are a superb alternative to either.

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