Patio Doors Hinckley

Improve the entrance to any patio or garden with the help of our customisable patio doors.

Our patio doors can come in a wide range of sizes, each providing smooth energy efficient performance for Hinckley homes. All the patio doors we provide come with bespoke double glazing as standard and are designed to let in natural light without reducing strength or security.

Key Features

  • Reduced aluminium threshold available
  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 pane doors
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Slim sightline co-extruded gaskets
  • Secure modern claw lock
  • Internally sliding doors
  • Internally glazed for optimal security
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Patio doors Hinckley

If you’re a Hinckley homeowner looking to enhance your garden or patio entrance, look no further than our uPVC patio doors. These doors can be customised to match a broad range of houses, so whether your home is big or small, we can help. 

Patio doors can slide open and closed without a swing arc, leaving your home’s interior free for all sorts of furnishings and designs. Our hardware and rollers are designed to last and are made of steel to maintain their required shape. Even after years of constant use, these doors can continue functioning well without requiring intensive maintenance techniques. Plus, if something goes wrong with your installation, we can provide our professional aftercare service.

Start a quote today for our patio doors with our online quoting engine! It’s free and can get you an accurate price in just a few clicks. Discover more details about our doors below, or get in touch with us by using our online contact form.

Hinckley homeowners can improve their home’s energy efficiency with the help of our patio doors. These doors are designed to retain heat by incorporating thick double glazing. Our glazing can trap natural heat within your home, preventing it from escaping and being wasted. This can lead to reduced energy bills as you rely on less power to heat your home in the colder months.

Our patio doors are constructed using modern uPVC. Compared to timber frames, our uPVC patio doors can maintain shape without swelling or warping, leading to smoother performance even after heavy rains or harsh heat. uPVC doesn’t absorb moisture as much as timber, and even after years of exposure to the sun, our colours can resist fading, keeping their vibrant hue. Additionally, the contemporary weather seals used across our patio doors can keep out cold draughts or leaks while letting the sunshine in.

We have various colours, hardware, and sizes available for our patio doors. No matter the type of Hinkley property you own, from classic to contemporary, we can provide patio doors to suit your unique style. You can choose from 2 panes all the way up to 4, which can allow these patio doors to expand the wall of a room.


Safe & Secure

uPVC is a durable material that can withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions without bending or cracking. All our patio doors come with toughened 28mm glass units that combine thermal efficiency with security to keep homes safe from unwanted intrusion. The multipoint locks and high security claw lock incorporated across all our patio doors are designed to resist modern break in techniques, granting total peace of mind. We can also offer the Ultion locking system for enhanced security. Find out more about the Ultion system here on our website.

Low Threshold

For those in need of increased accessibility, we also can provide our patio doors with a low aluminium threshold. Our lowered threshold can reduce the risk of tripping, making it easier for large gatherings to cross from home to the patio or garden. Plus, it allows easy access for wheelchairs or pushchairs. The lower threshold combines beautifully with the slim sightlines that our uPVC patio doors provide, as with a slimmer frame, there can be larger panes of glass. Your home can benefit from the illusion of increased space when these doors are open or closed.

10 Year Guarantee

At Burbage Custom Windows, we believe in the long lasting durability of our products. That’s why we provide our patio doors with a ten year guarantee for total peace of mind. Your Hinkley home can continue to look and perform at its best for years with the help of our home improvement range. To learn more about our guarantee, call us at 01455 631212.

Patio Door Prices Hinckley

Transform the entrance to your Hinckley properties garden with our patio doors, and improve your home’s energy efficiency and style. Get a free online quote today with our quoting engine, or learn more about our patio doors by calling our expert team at 01455 631212. Fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you with more detailed queries.