Product Assessment Specification (or PAS) 24 is the security standard which covers the performance of enhanced security windows and doorsets. It is a standard of testing to measure their performance to ensure they can resist a certain level of attack from an opportunist burglar.

PAS 24 testing includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Hardware Manipulation

Assessor attempts to open the window or doorset by operating, releasing & disengaging the locks and hinges.

  • Impact Testing

Soft (e.g. kicking) and hard (e.g. using a sledgehammer) body impact tests are conducted to see if the product could withstand an attack from various methods.

  • Mechanical Loading Test

The assessor applies a sequence of loading tests to simulate the pressures that would be applied to a product if an intruder used nail bars.

  • Hardware, Letterplate & Cylinder Testing

The hardware, letterplate and cylinder are tested for their resistance to a manual attack – includes attempting to remove, break, twist and bend parts of the product to gain entry.

Our windows have been tested and certified to BS 7412 by UL Solutions and continued compliance includes on-going assessment via factory audits and testing, so you can be rest assured high security always comes as standard.

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