French Doors Warwickshire

Enjoy high performance and easily customisable French doors that provide easy access to your garden or patio.

Transform the entrance to your patio or garden with our classic French doors that have been enhanced with modern materials and techniques. Our French doors are built using durable uPVC that can be coloured in a massive variety of ways to suit almost any property in Warwickshire. The locking mechanisms and hardware we have available can help you get the best performance for your home without losing out on your home’s classic or contemporary style.

Key Features

  • Double glazed panes
  • Secure multipoint locks
  • Massive Colourway range
  • Low threshold available
  • Single handle or multi handle locks
  • Restrictors on all outward swinging doors
  • Inward or outward swing arc
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French Doors Warwickshire

It’s easy to customise our French doors to suit any Warwickshire property, whether big or small. Our partnership with Deceuninck allows us to offer a massive collection of beautiful colourways, everything from sleek and mysterious black ash to classic English oak. If you have an existing aesthetic that you’d like to maintain across the entirety of your home, then our French doors could be the perfect choice for you!

While style is an integral part of what makes a home unique, at Burbage Custom Windows, we understand that security and efficiency cannot be brushed aside. This is why our Frech doors come with multipoint locking mechanisms and tough energy-efficient double glazing as standard. Our French doors can help keep your Warwickshire property warm and comfortable all year round. We also provide an upgrade for even more safety and security.

uPVC is an excellent modern material that can easily be formed into a variety of sizes and colour schemes. As a durable material, it can be made into much thinner profiles, helping flood homes with more natural light while offering lightweight performance. Get a quote for our different types of doors like uPVC French doors, and composite doors, today using our free online quoting engine today!

These French doors all come with double glazing as standard, helping provide your home with low U-values and high thermal efficiency. The double glazing traps natural heat, and by preventing it from escaping, you can stay cosy for extended periods. Even in the colder months, these doors can help maintain a comfortable temperature without you needing to rely on the central heating systems within your Warwickshire home as often. By relying less on heating systems, you could reduce your energy bills alongside your carbon footprint.

Unlike timber profiles, the uPVC profiles used for our French doors won’t ever need to be sanded, varnished, or repainted. To keep them clean and performing at their best, all it takes is the occasional use of a wet cloth or soapy sponge to remove any build up of dirt and dust. The fade resistant colours and durable woodgrain foils can last for years, so your French doors can continue to look and function at their best without any high upkeep requirements, letting you get on with life.

Our French doors come with multipoint locks that can be installed on either one or both handles. Plus, we offer an upgrade to the Ultion lock, which senses when it is being tampered with and enters lockdown mode to prevent unwanted intrusions. Meanwhile, the durable uPVC profile can resist warping or cutting, and the thick double glazing can resist shattering with its double panes. With Burbage Custom Windows, you can have total peace of mind.



We provide all sorts of customisation options to ensure you get French doors that suit your needs. From a beautiful collection of colourways and woodgrain foils to durable hardware options in a variety of finishes. Additionally, you can even choose whether your French doors open inwards or outwards, and all outward swinging doors can come with restrictors for increased safety.

10 Year Guarantee

Burbage Custom Windows believes in providing products that can last for decades, which is why we offer a comprehensive 10 year guarantee for our French doors. You can have peace of mind knowing that your French doors can perform at their best without the concern of damage or maintenance issues. Learn more about this guarantee by calling our team today at 01455 631212.

Weather Resistant

The weather resistant frames on our French doors can help keep out unwanted cold draughts and leaks, even in the harshest of Warwickshire weather conditions. Plus, the uPVC won’t swell from absorbing any moisture, nor will you have to worry about splinters or warping. In the hotter months, the double glazing can stop excess heat from entering your home, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round.

French Door Prices Warwickshire

Interested in our French doors for your Warwickshire home? Then use our free quoting tool today to get an accurate quote in just a few minutes. If you have a question or concern, call our friendly team today at 01455 631212, and we can happily answer any of your queries. We also have a handy online contact form where you can leave your contact details with us, and we can get back in touch with you.