French Doors Coventry

Enhance the entrance to your patio or garden with highly secure & energy efficient French doors.

These French doors are designed to provide a grand entrance to your Coventry home. We can provide plenty of hardware options and colourways so you can design the perfect doors that suit your propertyโ€™s aesthetic. The bespoke double glazing and multipoint locking mechanisms can keep your home safe against intrusion, so thereโ€™s no compromise between style and security. Get your new French doors today!

Key Features

  • Shoot bolts and hooks alongside multipoint locks
  • Inward or outward swing arc
  • Single handle lock or both handles
  • Restrictors for all doors that open out
  • Durable low threshold available
  • Customisable colourways
  • Glazed internally for safety
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French Doors Coventry

Any Coventry property owner could benefit from a grander entrance to their patio or garden. With thick double glazed panes and modern security features, our French doors can make the perfect solution. The robust uPVC frames and double glazing can withstand harsh weather conditions without faltering to leaks and cold draughts, and the highly secure locking mechanisms can grant peace of mind against intrusions.

For customers that use a wheelchair, we are pleased to provide a reduced threshold for easy access. Itโ€™s also easy to customise your French doors with a variety of fade resistant colours, sizes, and hardware types so that you can design the perfect French doors to complement your existing windows. Whether youโ€™re in need of a classic woodgrain foil look, or a modern and sleek style, Burbage Custom Windows can provide you with products that combine form with functionality.ย 

Get a quote for your French doors today and enhance the look and performance of your home. Or, call us to learn more about our home improvement product at 01455 631212.

At Burbage Custom Windows, we take the security of our products seriously. All our French doors come standard with multipoint locking systems that can be featured on one or both handles. Additionally, we can provide our Ultion 11-pin locks that trigger a powerful lockdown mode whenever they detect tampering. The thick and durable double glazing is glazed internally for even further tampering resistance, which also can help keep the temperature of your Coventry home at a comfortable range. The low available threshold offers a reduced risk of tripping when passing through the French doors.

Your Coventry home could benefit from beautiful views of the outside with our French doors. The uPVC profile’s slim sightlines allow for larger glass panes, letting even more natural light flood your Coventry property. Unlike timber profiles, uPVC is capable of maintaining its sturdy nature even when manufactured sleeker, letting you enjoy lightweight and slim French doors without losing any structural integrity or safety features.

All our French doors can provide excellent energy efficiency ratings thanks to the bespoke double glazing that comes standard. The double glazing is capable of trapping heat between its panes, letting your home make better use of the heat it generates. Less wasted heat could help reduce your overall energy consumption year after year, which means a better carbon footprint and potentially a lower energy bill! Stay warm and comfortable all year round with our Fench doors, and improve the energy efficiency of your Coventry home today!


Durable Design

The uPVC profiles we use for our French doors are robust and capable of withstanding sudden blows and harsh weather conditions. The French door frames can resist warping or cracking even after years of wear and tear. Additionally, the weather resistant features help to combat heavy rain and cold draughts so that you can remain safe and comfortable all year round without concern of leaks.

Low Threshold

Our uPVC French doors can be designed to include a low threshold, making them a fantastic choice for wheelchair or pushchair residents. These low thresholds contain aluminium, making them sturdy yet sleek. A lower threshold also provides a decreased tripping hazard for a totally seamless transition from home to the garden.

10 Year Guarantee

We believe in the longevity of our products. You can rest easy and trust your new uPVC French doors to be built to last with our comprehensive 10 year guarantee. Your investment can remain stylish and secure for years without the need for high maintenance upkeep or repairs so that you can have total peace of mind.

French Door Prices Coventry

Enhance the back entrance to your Coventry home with our thermally efficient, highly secure French doors. Our online quoting engine can get you a free and accurate quote in just a few minutes. Get started today! Call our expert staff at 01455 631212 or fill out our online contact form with your details, and weโ€™ll call you back as quickly as possible. Weโ€™d love to hear from you!