Energy Efficient Windows

Keep warmer and save money with our 'A' rated windows

We offer outstanding energy efficiency as standard. Our latest casement windows utilise some of the most advanced glass on the market and actually now performs better than a standard A rating, in fact our standard casement windows delivered a rating of A+10 which is amongst the best performing and energy efficient windows available.

Helping To Keep You Warm

We want you to keep as much heat inside your room as possible and that’s why we’re constantly developing our windows to ensure they do just that. All of our windows feature the latest in glass technology from Pilkington. To help achieve a low U-value we have incorporated some of Pilkington’s latest glass developments into our windows. Burbage Custom Windows is one of a few companies to be placed on Pilkington’s approved energiKare™ supplier list and as such Pilkington energiKare™ is used in our ‘A+’ energy rated windows and consists of Pilkington KS Glass™, Pilkington Optiwhite™, argon gas and Super Spacer warm edge technology.

Triple Glazed Windows

If you’re looking for the next generation in windows then our triple glazed windows fit perfectly. Using the same, advanced glass specification as our standard ‘A+’ rated window our triple glazed window consists of an additional pane of energy efficient glass, Pilkington KS. This enables the triple glazed window to achieve an ‘A++’ rating which is reserved for highest performing windows as described by the BFRC.

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