Just Arrived….Our New Rotox 5-Head Welder!!

For anyone who is technically minded, the welder has the following design and operational characteristics which is a welcome addition to our modern factory:

β€’ Up to 5 universal welding heads in line (also pivoting)
β€’ Welding units designed for corners, transoms, cross and H-welding (turned)
β€’ Alternatively welding with all welding units at the same time, in pairs or individually
β€’ Adjustable and selectable limit stops for different transom welding operation
β€’ Restrictor knives of hardened stainless steel adjustable to a weld seam limitation of 0.2 – 2mm
β€’ Welding blocks easily and quickly exchangeable by plug-in and clamping system

Our continuous investment in the latest machinery and systems within our factory reinforce our commitment to producing high quality UPVC products. We are currently awaiting delivery of additional new machinery which will further go towards maintaining quality and consistency.

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